How crm helps you delegate better en

CRM helps you delegate and follow up on work, with better performance, motivation and work/life balance as a result. How? Read the blog!

As an entrepreneur, you can have a hard time letting go of work. Secretly, you'd prefer to do everything yourself. At least then you can be sure it's done well. That level of involvement is a beautiful thing, but unsustainable in the long run. You'll have to learn how to delegate sooner or later. CRM can be fantastic resource for that.

Why is delegation important?

Delegation is an essential skill for every manager. The alternative? Being directly involved with everything that goes on in your organization. With all the risks involved:

Your personal life will suffer

Long days, short nights, non-existent weekends and more stress than you can handle: these are the negative consequences that are unavoidable if you keep on doing the lion's share of the work yourself. Your family life becomes an afterthought too. Work-life balance, you said?

Your performance will suffer

'If I do it myself, I'll do it better' - until you're busy doing 100 things a day. All of a sudden your decision-making isn't up to par and you start forgetting things left and right. On top of that, too many day-to-day tasks on your plate make it harder to think ahead strategically.

You can't excel at everything

Maybe you are that jack-of-all-trades type of entrepreneur who can do it all. Congratulations! But you're one of few. In areas where you don't excel, someone else will. And what you can do well today, you can surely teach someone else tomorrow.

You don't use your human capital to its full potential

Your team needs confidence to perform. An interesting task list, some responsibility and the chance to learn all play a big part in that. As a result, you get the motivated, high-performance employees you set out to hire in the first place.

"Delegating well means a shared success experience: your co-workers get more chances, you draw confidence from their performance."

How does CRM help you delegate easily?

Delegating well means a shared success experience: your co-workers get more chances, you draw confidence from their performance. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Does that mean you completely leave your staff to their own devices? On the contrary! You do want to keep a clear overview at all times, without interfering in absolutely everything. An online CRM is a fantastic resource for that:

1) Divide the work (and start with your own inbox)

An integrated CRM lets you convert your daily dose of emails into tasks or tickets. You can share calendars to immediately find the right slots to plan in everything in the fairest way possible - for yourself or your colleagues. While keeping everyone's privacy intact, of course.

2) Follow up on the planning from anywhere

There's a world of difference between micromanagement and a good follow-up. Keeping control relieves stress and helps you make the correct decisions. Online CRM fits this bill too. Every task, meeting or phone call that gets checked off, you can easily follow up on. From anywhere, at any time.

3) See your results in real time

It takes time and effort to keep track of your enterprise's results. The comprehensive statistics a CRM offers, reduce that work to a minimum. You gain clear insight on how well you're doing whenever you need it, in real time and in just a few clicks, so you can rest assured at night.

4) Centralize your information

If you're the point of contact for all important information, you effectively form a huge, walking bottleneck. The central database of an online CRM takes care of that - especially if it can be consulted on mobile devices.

Smart software for smart businesses

CRM is one of them, but nowadays there's a long list of smart tools readily available for the benefit of entrepreneurs. They make life easier, let your team work together optimally and boost your company's performance, all at the same time.