Fundamental to who we are.


An inclusive team in a safe and equal work environment

Our company culture is aimed at truly connecting the many diverse people in our organization, across borders. We offer them an open and positive work environment where they feel involved and heard, where they can be themselves and continue to grow. Engaged and connected colleagues drive impact.

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An environmental footprint that is as minimal as possible

We monitor our environmental impact throughout our entire value chain. We assess the impact of our ICT materials, we look at how we develop our software and we think about how we can reduce the carbon footprint of our customers.

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Business conduct based on integrity, ethics and genuine commitment

We want to be a supreme partner for our customers and their teams. We speak the language of the customer. We understand their needs and offer solutions. At the same time, we prevent our software from being abused for fraudulent purposes. We also guarantee these controls in our own company management. By embedding these good practices, we try to set an example and inspire our customers and wider ecosystem.


Working towards a larger goal

Since June 2022, we are a proud Visma company. Visma has set ambitious targets exceeding its environmental and social obligations, which matches our commitment to sustainability. Together, we continue to build a sustainable business culture, effectively contributing to a more sustainable world

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