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Agency Benchmark

How do European agencies sustain growth in 2023?

We surveyed 300+ European agencies & analysed our agency customers’ anonymised data, focusing on their daily operations.

This is the condensed report.

Operational Excellence protects an agency's margins.

Operational excellence for agencies means: delivering high-quality work, meeting deadlines and adding growth strategies.

To gauge operational excellence, we focused on profit, time tracking, deadlines, billability, FTE growth, capacity, overspends, average rate and revenue per FTE.

Our resulting report indicates how smoothly European agencies run, today and in the future.

Some findings from the report:

  • 37% of respondents have a plan to increase profitability
  • 65% is the average billability rate of our respondents
  • 61% of respondents have a clear view of time spent per project

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