Teamleader Focus vs Odoo

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About Teamleader Focus

Teamleader Focus combines CRM, project management and invoicing in one intuitive solution. Tailored to SMEs of one to twenty people, the tool helps you save time, build relationships and simplify work.

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About Odoo

Odoo is a suite of multiple open source business apps for CRM, eCommerce, accounting, invoicing, project management and more. Odoo mainly caters to larger enterprises.

Teamleader Focus


Price per month

Starting from € 50 for 2 users

Starting from € 58 for 1 user

Calendar (tasks, meetings, calls)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales process (and quotations)

Project management


Support tickets

Freemium model

Email integration (Office 365, iCloud, Gmail)

Voice over IP

Mobile app

Marketplace (100+ integrations with business software applications)

Open API

Free trial

Online onboarding


Knowledge Base, email, phone, tickets

Email, phone, tickets

What customers say about...

...Teamleader Focus

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“Teamleader Focus offered exactly the features we needed to improve our sales process.”

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“Although Odoo is cloud-based and all our data is hosted in the cloud, it’s still fast!”

- Chemical Manufacturing
Siel sales

Why you should choose Teamleader Focus

Teamleader Focus develops intuitive cloud software combining CRM, invoicing and project management together in one tool. Built with small businesses in mind, it makes the process from lead to cash more efficiently and integrates seamlessly with other software. Our solution empowers small business to stay on top, work like pros and move the economy forward.