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Traditional sales often underwhelms. Pushy salespeople trying to sell a product to those who don’t really need it... it just puts them off. That’s why we do it differently; we actively listen to potential customers’ needs and understand their pain points. As every customer is unique, we draw energy from each interaction.

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General & Administration

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Marketing is in charge of lead generation. We discover what makes potential customers that could be a great fit for Teamleader. We’re all about the numbers: we dive headfirst into our analytics to make sense of which marketing activities are working and which aren’t so we can constantly tweak our tactics. We’re a team that supports one another, and works with people across the business to do so.

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You can’t achieve success without a great product, talented engineers and developers to back it up. Each day, we strive to make our tool a little bit better, one step at a time. Our Engineering team makes sure our software is stable and accessible so thousands of users can rely on it every day.

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Product is the middleman between all our stakeholders and the development team, working together to develop a product used by thousands of users on a daily basis. We have a strong vision on where the product is heading and always try to keep all of our stakeholders’ best interests in mind.

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Customer Success

If a customer needs help or has a question, our customer success heroes are just an email or phone call away. Our team’s responsibility is easy: making sure we do whatever it takes to make (and keep!) our customers happy. In fact, we would bend over backwards to get a smile on their face.

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