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The Teamleader Orbit Suite

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Setup & training

Every company is different and has a different approach. On top of that, any new software requires some flexibility from your employees. We understand these concerns only too well, and are here to support you personally. Go to setup & training.


  • Perfect client management

    At a glance, you get a clear overview of the turnover achieved and ongoing projects, either per client or it's entities.

  • Clear quotations

    Quickly create different versions of a quote per client and convert won deals into projects.

  • Flexible project management

    As a project manager, you have to juggle between the planning of your people and the budget of your client. Keep control of both with Teamleader Orbit.

  • Easy time tracking

    Teamleader Orbit kills two birds with one stone: a planned task in your agenda automatically becomes a completed time registration.

  • Smart billing

    Create, send and manage your invoices in just a few clicks. Get a complete picture of your income, expenses and profit.

  • Logical planning

    Know which of your colleagues is available and deliver each project within deadline and budget.

  • Excellent client service

    Provide a pleasant experience and answer questions quickly and professionally. Set clear agreements and link time spent automatically to invoicing.

  • Uninterrupted work with retainers

    Agree on a sum with your client beforehand and use this retainer to settle projects, purchases and additional work in an uninterrupted manner.

  • Integrated client portal

    Examine the progress of a project directly with your client from within Teamleader Orbit and hold discussions.

  • Your own domain

    Log in to your personal domain name and with your work email. Stop worrying over forgotten passwords.

  • Unlimited teams and entities

    Create as many teams as necessary. Your entire corporate structure will also fit perfectly within Teamleader Orbit.

  • Open API

    Get started with our API and make Teamleader Orbit the central hub of your business.

  • Personal support

    We are here to guide you through your entire start, and also afterwards of course. Take advantage of our excellent support service: they'll be happy to assist you with all your questions.

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