Teamleader Orbit’s Google BigQuery add-on.

Teamleader Orbit biedt eersteklas rapportage. Maar data-experts willen steeds meer. Moet je gegevens vergelijken over verschillende periodes? Nood aan meer visualisatie-mogelijkheden? Of wil je capaciteitsgegevens (zoals backlog per klant of project) exporteren naar een draaitabel?

Dankzij de integratie van Teamleader Orbit met BigQuery, de PaaS-databank van Google met machine learning, is dit allemaal mogelijk. Stuur je rapportage- en analysegegevens van Teamleader Orbit naar Google BigQuery en maak foutloze realtime dashboards in enkele seconden.

HQ Google Big Query
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    Efficient & automatic data extraction

    Extracting data from Teamleader Orbit to BigQuery lets you visualise it in other BI platforms such as Google Data Studio, PowerBI or Tableau. More importantly, you replace manual processes such as data entry, extraction, aggregation and analysis with an automated solution.

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    Correct & improved data extraction

    Automating the processes mentioned earlier also means a reduced risk of data inconsistencies, as manually entering or transferring data between Teamleader Orbit and a data platform is very error-prone.

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    Reporting at lightning speed

    Pushing huge data sets to Google Data Studio used to take time. With Google BigQuery as the in-between step, reporting reaches hyperspeed. Which means you get reports in seconds, not in minutes or hours.

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    Secure and solid data infrastructure

    Teamleader Orbit and Google BigQuery both have solid and robust security measures in place to protect company data. By integrating these systems, an agency ensures its data is stored securely and compliant with all relevant regulations.