Brand activation

Make your campaigns run smoothly.

Follow your brand campaigns closely, give your clients insight into the progress of their project and never be short of hands. With Teamleader Orbit, you keep an overview of people, budgets and materials.

  • Estimate future work correctly.
  • Communicate with and track your suppliers.
  • Keep an overview of all your running campaigns.
  • Take the right action based on real-time data.
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They run their entire agency with Teamleader Orbit:

I can see at a single glance what everyone is working on, who has time left and who is fully booked.
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Glenn Fellows Managing Partner Lunar

Our top features for brand activation agency’s:

  1. Keep an overview of budgets and materials.

    Stay in contact with your suppliers and keep track of where your people and materials are. Scan your receipts and enter expenses and purchases directly, so that you can keep control over the balance of your turnover at all times.

  2. Control over timesheets and invoicing.

    Automatically convert a planned task into a completed time registration and link it to the invoicing. No double work and easy to report. Use standard flows to approve timesheets and keep control of how customers are charged.

  3. Statistics and reporting.

    Do you want to check how a project is progressing, do you need an overview of the timesheets, or do you want to know what percentage of hours worked by a team can be invoiced? You get the figures on a plate at any time. Need more? With any piece of information in Teamleader Orbit you build your own reports.

  4. Direct contact with your customer.

    Without consultation, a project is doomed to fail. That's why you can have discussions directly in Teamleader Orbit, with employees, customers and suppliers. Keep everything about your project in a central database and stay in control.

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We guide you through the start-up.

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