More business, less hassle.

That’s how work management software helps your company move forward.

Sell, bill, and organize your work in one place. Teamleader is the all-in-one solution that helps you work smarter. Maintain overview, sell more, and offer your customers the best service.

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Sell faster and more

Keep track of sales opportunities, offer customers a professional service and sell more.

Sell faster and more

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Make a great first impression. With Teamleader, follow up on your sales opportunities with ease and offer your customers a fast and professional service.

  • Sell 23% faster and 35% more.
  • Keep track of open, won or lost sales opportunities.
  • Automate your sales process.
  • Create quotations in your house style, in less than two minutes.

12.000 entrepreneurs work smarter with Teamleader:

  • 23%

    sell faster

  • 35%

    sell more

  • 7,2

    billion euros invoiced in 2020

Invoice and follow-up

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Easily create, send and follow-up on invoices? Of course it’s possible. On top of that, Teamleader tells you what to invoice when. That means less stress and, again, time saved. Our reports give you insights into the hours you work and what you invoice. So you can make even smarter decisions.

  • Turn quotations into invoices.
  • Invoice from a task or project.
  • Link invoices to your bookkeeping tool.
  • Maintain an overview of your cash flow.
Last year, our customers invoiced a total of 7.2 billion euros with our software. Invoicing in Teamleader is that easy.
Jeroen De Wit CEO @ Teamleader

Organise your work

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Organise your work smarter and lose less time with administration. With Teamleader as your digital right hand, you can keep track of your projects, budgets, and deadlines anytime, anywhere.

  • Manage all your administration with one tool.
  • Track time and follow-up on budgets, deadlines and projects.
  • Collaborate online with your team.
  • Link with your email client, calendar or other tools.

Improve your work management with Teamleader

Home base

Teamleader offers two software products: Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit.

Every day, 12,000 entrepreneurs use Teamleader’s work management software to sell, bill and organise their work. And all of it one place. From IT agencies and digital marketers to plumbers and construction companies.

This makes us the number one work management software in Belgium and The Netherlands. Find out how Teamleader helps your company move forward.

12.000 entrepreneurs already organise their work with Teamleader: