Traditional sales often underwhelms. Pushy salespeople trying to sell a product to those who don’t really need it... it just puts them off. That’s why we do it differently; we actively listen to potential customers’ needs and understand their pain points. As every customer is unique, we draw energy from each interaction.

  • Mustafa Tapan
    Sales Manager

    Mustafa Tapan

  • Siel Verniers
    Sales Development Manager

    Siel Verniers

  • Vincent Blommaert
    Indirect Sales Manager

    Vincent Blommaert

  • Naomi Egyaful
    Inside Sales Manager

    Naomi Egyaful

  • Jens Massaert
    Sales Operations

    Jens Massaert

Inside Sales

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    Inside Sales

    Ais Tuhumury

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00005 1
    Inside Sales

    Machiel Geschiere

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00002
    Inside Sales

    Matthijs Devriese

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00012
    Inside Sales

    Lukas Vandenheede

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 8
    Inside Sales

    Jonne van Wechem

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 7
    Inside Sales

    Maxime Carels

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    Inside Sales

    Roos Martens

Sales Development

  • Quentin Ost
    Account Executive

    Quentin Ost

  • Thomas Daale
    Sales Development Representative

    Thomas Daale

  • Teun Rutten
    Sales Development Representative

    Teun Rutten

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00011 1
    Sales Development Representative

    Heleen Vandevoorde

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 3
    Sales Development Representative

    Aileen Deloof

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 2
    Sales Development Representative

    Bich Bui

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 4
    Sales Development Representative

    Imane Mdibeh

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 6
    Sales Development Representative

    Mathilde Caron

  • Meet The Team John Doe
    Sales Development Representative

    Raf Maurissen

  • Meet The Team John Doe
    Sales Development Representative

    Samy Bouzid

Channel Sales

  • Daisy De Waele
    Partner Manager

    Daisy De Waele

  • Iza Marquenie
    Partner Manager

    Iza Marquenie

  • Jisse Plaggenborg
    Partner Manager

    Jisse Plaggenborg

  • Dimitri Coppens
    Indirect Marketing Manager

    Dimitri Coppens

  • Jeroen Cazemier
    Partner Manager

    Jeroen Cazemier

Sales Executive

  • Sales
    Account Executive

    Lowie Defour

  • Robbrecht Delrue

    Robbrecht Delrue

  • Terence Ten Berge

    Terence Ten Berge

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    Account Executive

    Thomas Durand

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00015 1
    Account Executive

    Wouter Snieders

  • Jakob Uittenhove

    Jakob Uittenhove

  • Solution selling

    When we first get in touch with a potential customer, we try to dig deeper and uncover their needs. We let them do the talking. We only move to the next step if we trust we can solve their problems and offer them something they will benefit from.

  • Honesty above all else

    Above all, we’re honest about what Teamleader can do for you. And yes, we even suggest one of our competitors if we can’t offer the right features. Blowing off steam is key: we work hard, but never forget to have fun. We’re always in for a joke or two to take the edge off after a hard day’s work.

  • Fast-paced remote sales powered by team goals

    Marketing generates leads who activate a free trial. Next, sales picks up those leads and checks whether they’re a fit. Our sales cycle is pretty short: we move fast and talk to the right people. We work with team goals instead of individual commissions because we want to achieve something together.

  • Want to join the team?

    Join a passionate team and contribute to the success of a fast-growing company.