You can’t achieve success without a great product, talented engineers and developers to back it up. Each day, we strive to make our tool a little bit better, one step at a time. Our Engineering team makes sure our software is stable and accessible so thousands of users can rely on it every day.

  • Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse
    Head of Engineering

    Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse

  • Marijn Vandevoorde
    Engineering Manager

    Marijn Vandevoorde

  • Lowie Benoot

    Lowie Benoot

  • Meet The Team John Doe

    Jordy De Wit

  • Yorick Horrie
    DevOps Engineer

    Yorick Horrie

  • Stef Trenson
    Lead Developer

    Stef Trenson

  • Ghislaine Rahier
    QA Test Designer

    Ghislaine Rahier

  • Dries Decramer

    Dries Decramer

  • Luísa Brito

    Luísa Brito

  • Michiel Devriese

    Michiel Devriese

  • Jordy De Groeve

    Jordy De Groeve

  • Tim De Groote

    Tim De Groote

  • Peter De Bouvere
    Lead Developer

    Peter De Bouvere

  • Tiago Bastos

    Tiago Bastos

  • Eoin O'Sullivan

    Eoin O'Sullivan

  • Mike Verfaillie

    Mike Verfaillie

  • Arnaud Weyts

    Arnaud Weyts

  • João Inácio

    João Inácio

  • Jens Trio
    Lead Developer

    Jens Trio

  • Sander Brugge

    Sander Brugge

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00014

    Lennert Claeys

  • Meet The Team John Doe

    Alex Deleyn

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 1
    Lead Developer

    Pieter Meyvaert

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    QA Advisor

    Anabel Rosario

  • Meet The Team John Doe

    Tobi Beernaert

Our focus

  • Optimising our processes to the bone

    Every Friday, we take the time to drill down into our processes and investigate if there are glitches that are preventing us from doing a good job. We also take a closer look at the opportunities we’re missing. It keeps us sharp, and well organised. When something’s not working, we change direction fast.

  • Autonomous & independent work ethic

    We take our time to write good code and go to great lengths to achieve that. Stuck with something you’re working on? Just ask a colleague for help. While everyone works independently and autonomously, a colleague to help you out or bounce ideas back and forth is never far away.

  • Splitting our team into 'microservices'

    We work in multiple smaller teams based on the famous Spotify model. Each team consists of a small group of people. Working in smaller teams allows them to be laser-focused on one single aspect of our tool. This way, we create a huge level of ownership.

  • Want to join the team?

    Join a passionate team and contribute to the success of a fast-growing company.