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Sell faster and more

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Follow your customers closely without taking a single step. Teamleader helps you:

  • Sell 23% faster.

  • Sell 35% more.

  • Offer your customers the best service.

First see, then believe?
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Sell with Teamleader? This is how it works:

  1. Manage contacts easily.

    Add contacts? Enter the VAT number, our CRM system does the rest. This way, your customer data are guaranteed to be correct and complete.

  2. Track your communications with every customer.

    Get to really know customers and leads. Link your emails to your customer overview and see the communication history per customer at a glance.

  3. Make quotes and have them signed online.

    Create and send quotes in just a few clicks. Get a notification when your customer opens them, gives feedback, or signs them online.

  4. Track sales opportunities.

    Smart filters let you view and track open, won, or lost sales opportunities easily.

  5. Appointments, tasks, and phone calls in one shared calendar.

    Use a handy calendar to organize your work. Plan tasks, appointments, and phone calls for yourself and your colleagues. Share your calendar to see each other's schedules.

  6. Track time on tasks, meetings and phone calls.

    Track time for all your tasks, appointments, and phone calls and link them to your customer or project.

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Teamleader is work management software that helps you sell, bill, and organize your work.

Everything in one place.

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