Project Management in CRM: Planning, Tracking & Statistics. Deliver projects within time and budget.

  • Stay within deadlines and budget with the project planning feature
  • Optimize your employees’ performance
  • Let customers view the status of a project online
  • Send invoices based on budget or hours worked

Working by yourself or in team on a project? With the project management module you can clearly divide a project in milestones, tasks, and meetings. The built-in project planning feature guarantees an optimal use of the workload while respecting deadlines and budgets.

project start


Start a new project

Give a new project a name, start date, and stages or milestones - and you're off to a good start. Teamleader tracks the budget for each stage of a project. Invoice a project based on budget or by recording the hours worked. Set different hourly rates within one project and create a report with an overview of the work that’s already done.

Manage all your projects

‘Projects’ gives a complete overview of all active projects and the tasks linked to them. In the ‘Project Planning’ feature, keep a grip on your schedule and view the progress of each team.

Project manage
project plan

Plan a project

Built with a project manager’s responsibilities in mind, assign and plan tasks for the members of a project by checking everyone’s agenda at the same time. Check which active projects require your attention and which ones are right on track. Get an overview of your team members’ workload and lighten the load or assign new tasks accordingly.

Collaborate (internally and with clients)

Define different hourly rates within the same project and assign a task or project to an employee. By sending messages via Teamleader, you can make sure you’re on the same page. With our custom-built Projectcloud platform you can collaborate better with your client and have them check up on the status of a project. Customers can also view scheduled meetings or contact your employees.

project collaborate

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