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This is a Text paragraph

This is the body field of the text paragraph. You can choose to show this with width 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 columns. Here we have selected 'Medium' width (6 columns).

The text is divided over 3 columns. You can choose to divide over 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.

The top border has no special option selected. The bottom border has the option 'Ascending' selected.

You can choose between 7 predefined background colours. Here the color Aqua-100 is selected, which is a colour from the styleguide of the company.

This works like a charm

Link to Image focus paragraph

Text paragraph with full width

Subtitle test

This paragraph is shown in full width, with no ascending or descending borders and no background.

This is a blockrow paragraph with centered title

This is an image block with ascending borders

This image is showing a chair in a living room.

Video as part of the blockrow paragraph

This item shows a video.

window with flowers

Another image

A windows with flowers

Blockrow with 4 items and centered titles

Centered title

Lorem ipsum dolor set amet.

Second block

Second block with an image

Third block

The third block

Fourth block

This is the fourth block.

Image focus paragraph

This is also a focus paragraph, but with type image selected

A fancy house

Background focus

This is a focus paragraph with focus type background

This is the focus text.


This is the box focus paragraph

This is a focus paragraph with focus type box focus

This is a box focus paragraph.

Text focus paragraph

The font of the title can be chosen from a select list

This is the focus text

This is an image paragraph


Story left

This is a subtitle

This is the body text.


Story right with a video

This is a subtitle

This is the text.

Link to frontpage

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This is a video paragraph.

This is a video paragraph. It supports Vimeo, Youtube and Wistia.

You can choose to display on 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 columns. This is shown on 6 columns now.

It has the function 'Full width animation' activated so the video pops up when scrolling down the page.

This is a USP paragraph

USP item 1

This is a USP with a link on it.


USP item 2

This is a USP item without a link.


USP item 3

This is a USP item with a horizontal image.

USP item 4

This is a USP item with a link on it


USP item 5

Another USP item

Testimonial paragraph


With paragraphs we give the power to the people, not the coders.

Project manager

It's fun to create paragraphs!


Another image paragraph with full width setting


See more example of these paragraphs