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Organise your work

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Run a business, don’t drown in paperwork. With Teamleader as your digital right hand.

  • Spend less time on administration.
  • Organize your work smarter.
  • Keep an overview of your projects, budgets, and deadlines, anytime and anywhere.

First see, then believe?
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Organise your work with Teamleader? Here's how it works:

  1. One place for all your contacts.

    Store all your contacts in one digital database. Add customer data quickly: you enter the VAT number, Teamleader does the rest. With the mobile app, you can even do this on the move.

  2. Make professional quotations.

    Make quotes with your own logo and layout, professionally and faster than your competitor. That's how you create trust and get more business. Send them for approval immediately and get a notification when your customer opens them, gives feedback or signs them online.

  3. Send invoices and track them.

    Create invoices from an accepted quotation, work order or project. Set hourly rates per employee or task type, create advance invoices or set up maintenance contracts. Send automatic payment reminders, by email or regular mail. This way, you will always be paid correctly.

  4. Link with your emails and your calendar.

    Link Teamleader to your email program, your calendar, Dropbox and more than 200 apps and programs your company probably already uses. This way, you'll have all your communication and documentation in one place.

  5. From quotation to project.

    Quickly create projects from quotes. Break them down into phases, tasks, and appointments. Receive notifications about deadlines, completed tasks and messages from your project members.

  6. Stay within budget, protect your profit margin.

    Check if you will stay within budget, for the whole project or per phase. And see your expected profit at a glance. This way, you can take action on time, make better decisions and be transparent towards clients, employees and managers.

EN Eén plaats voor al je contacten EN Offertes in eigen stijl EN Correcte betaalstatussen EN Afspraken taken en telefoontjes in één gedeelde kalender EN Flexibele facturatie EN Hou je winstmarge in het oog

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Everything in one place.

Teamleader is work management software that helps you sell, bill, and organize your work.

Everything in one place.

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