Hey buddy!

So you're the new kid on the block? Don't let that worry you. From day 1, your Teamleader buddy is there: a more experienced colleague to show you the ropes and make you feel welcome. They'll answer just about any question you might have.

All the tools you need

Your new laptop, keyboard, screen, laptop stand or other items you need will be ordered right away. You just decide whether you're the Mac or Windows type. We also take care of the administrative side so that you can start as soon as possible.

Know your product

We make sure you're off to a good start by investing time and effort in our new colleagues. So expect deep product training, an elaborate sales demo included, for you to fully understand how Teamleader works and how businesses use it to their advantage. You'll be a Teamleader expert in no time.

Onboarding done right

Next to that, you'll further explore the layers of our organization that matter most to you: how our marketing works, the workflow of our sales team, how development is organized... Solid functional training, basically, done by seasoned pros (with a little bit of self-study to boot).

Hang around & get to know us

Make sure to tell your mom, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or nine older brothers that you won't be home at 6 pm on Friday. Because Cava Fridays are exquisite opportunities to get to know the rest of the crew, and for us to get to know you. Trust us, you'll feel right at home.