Join a passionate team

We are a young, dynamic, devoted and ambitious team, operating in a flat-hierarchical and transparent organization with short decision cycles. Our diverse backgrounds and cultures lead to a stimulating work environment that makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.

Work for fantastic clients

Teamleader is designed specifically for SMEs between 2 and 50 employees. Our typical customers are service-based organizations such as creative agencies and consulting businesses. But any business aiming to focus on what matters can benefit from our affordable, easy-to-use software.

That makes for thousands of European businesses who use Teamleader to work smarter. And we don't stop at satisfied customers: we want to make them our ambassadors.

Help build a company

We only recruit passionate people. If you know what to look for, that's not too hard. However, our people stay passionate because they're helping to build something that matters.

Teamleader is doing well but we're not there yet. We don't even know where "there" is. That continuous feeling of excitement for what may come next is what binds colleagues from all nations and departments. We're always striving for better, even if it comes with some bumps and bruises along the way.

Share our make-it-happen DNA

You want to get it done and make it happen? Well we do too. Teamleader encourages participating, speaking your mind and showing interest, far beyond the borders of your own job description. We may have departments, but we don't build walls.

Continuous learning is a staple of Teamleader. No matter how fast we grow, we'll never abandon our core values and startup mentality: we recognize, value and nurture talent. So we let smart people become great professionals, to our mutual benefit.

Think global, act local

We strongly believe in local roots. That's why we're based in Ghent, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid. Paris is soon to follow. As long as our success continues, we keep our eyes open for more international opportunities: think global, act local. Wherever we can help SMEs work smarter is where we might go next.

We don't like stressful commutes and neither should you. So we always aim for workplaces close to public transport links and motorways. Plus, we're never located far from the city centre, giving city slickers and culture lovers alike the opportunity to take in the atmosphere and go discover.

Explore our culture dictionary

buddy NOUN | 1. someone who has been with Teamleader for a while and helps a new employee get to know to the ins and outs of Teamleader 2. a “go-to-person” for the new hire to whom they can direct their questions

cava•friday NOUN | the weekly habit of rounding off the week amongst colleagues with cava (or beer) and a laugh in a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere

fold-up NOUN | weekly company meeting where numbers are discussed, updates are given and announcements are made – VERB | to hold a fold-up meeting

friday•food NOUN | a weekly lunch with the entire team, paid for by Teamleader

perks•budget NOUN | 1. a budget set aside to support your work and personal development, be it after-hours training, an interesting book, attending a conference or a trip to another office to bond with your international colleagues 2. a team budget set aside to help team members get to know each other better and promote strong working relationships

team•incentive NOUN | the company works as a team towards a quarterly target to stay motivated; the team gets rewarded with a team incentive if the target is achieved; in the past, this has lead to memorable city trips, movie tickets and extra days off

work-life•balance NOUN | 1. flexible working hours when you need them, on the condition that all the work gets done and meetings are attended 2. company bikes, access to public transportation or other transportation solutions are provided 3. food is freshly made by head chef Emile and meal vouchers are provided 4. the last one to leave turns off the light and locks the door