Send us an e-mail

Send an e-mail with your CV and a letter of motivation to Feel free to let your creative juices flow. Handy tip: try a Teamleader trial, we truly appreciate that. And don't hesitate to fire your thoughts and ideas at us.

We look through your application...

Don't worry if you haven't heard anything from us the following day. CVs are first forwarded to the relevant employees so the right people carry out the interview process. They have a closer look to see if your skills, background and personal profile fit our expectations.

... and may give you a call

If we like what we see, we'll try to get you on the phone. This way, we get to know you a bit better. What motivates you? What's your passion? What are your ambitions?

Next up: a face-to-face conversation...

Did the call go well? Then we'll invite you over or talk through Skype to explore your professional background further and see if your skills and personality fit our company culture. One more tip: you don't need to wear a suit, we mostly dress casually.

... followed by a second one

We see if you fit the part by closely examining your functional qualities for the position. If need be, we may ask you to do a presentation, give a demo or present a case.

You may now expect a phone call or an email

If you were successful in winning us over and you still feel up for the challenge, we'll draw up a proposal and a contract. Welcome to the team!