Job description

For this role we require candidates to be located within the EU and have a valid work permit.

Our team

The product & engineering team is where we turn problems into solutions. Our small, autonomous teams are in a constant cycle of identifying what’s keeping our customers from their actual work, coming up with solutions and putting those at their fingertips. Once shipped, we listen, adapt and then take on the next challenge!

Our stack

All our new code is spinning smoothly on Kubernetes but we still have to move the main application to microservices. What a time to be alive for you as a DevOps Engineer for Teamleader Focus!

  • We love Docker & use it everywhere!
  • We run a combination of Debian & Alpine containers
  • And a mix of NGINX with some Apache
  • Everything runs on AWS in Kubernetes through Helm charts
  • We use Datadog and Sentry for logging and monitoring
  • Add some Redis, Elasticsearch, MySQL, RabbitMQ and Concourse for CI/CD
  • Our applications are mostly written in PHP topped with just a splash of JavaScript.

What you'll do

As a DevOps Engineer, you’ll support our teams in getting their work at our customers’ fingertips as fast as possible. From them setting up new docker containers on their local development setup to set the whole CI/CD flow so they can put it in production. You don’t push the deploy button, you offer it to them, knowing that your pipeline will prevent major issues.

  • Keeping our infrastructure reliable, secure & scalable. From time to time, you ask critical questions as to what we have and re-iterate.
  • Setting up new CI/CD pipelines or improve existing ones so our teams can easily yet safely deploy their latest changes.
  • Help out our developers in setting up new services or tooling in their dev setup.
  • Incidents happen. You take action when they do and take part in a retrospective afterwards, to see how we can avoid those incidents from happening again.
  • Setting up logging so every developer can debug issues, you set up monitoring so you know when such issues arise.
  • Oh yes: you document what isn't self-explanatory so you don't have to be standby 24/7.
  • After a while, you’ll participate in a standby rotation (which will make you see the value of the first bullet point).


Who you are

You’ll help  our Teamleader Focus developers set up their dev environment (even though most know a thing or two already) and immediately help setting up the CI/CD flow, allowing them to deploy to a staging & production environment.

  • You’re a problem solver. When something goes awry, you just HAVE to find out the how & why. Your gut tells you where to look for the cause, your brain does the rest.
  • Rather than always doing things yourself, you like to facilitate & help teams so they can do it themselves... Scripting & automation doesn't mean you're lazy, it means you're smart!
  • You’re self-organised and can keep an overview of tasks & priorities
  • You also know what you don't know and want to make that list shorter, asap!
  • You communicate clearly and can handle some feedback.
  • You are able to express yourself fluently in English, both in writing and verbally.

Your experience and skill set

You bring experience in managing & scaling web applications, preferably with a stack comparable to ours:

  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Helm charts (or other alternative deployment solutions)
  • CI/CD (Concourse, Travis CI,...)
  • Cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, ..
  • Configuration management and automation tools (Terraform, Ansible,...)
  • Databases (MySQL, Redis, Memcached,...)
  • (Application) Monitoring such as Datadog, Prometheus, Cloudwatch
  • Message brokers (RabbitMQ,...)
  • PHP (definite plus if you have some experience)
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