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To keep fuelling our growth, we are looking for a Customer Expert to represent the voice of our customers. 

Do you speak Dutch & French? Please, continue reading! 

Who are we and why should you care?

At Teamleader, we live and breathe entrepreneurship. Founded in 2012, Teamleader is a SaaS scale-up with two work management products: Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit. Everyday, our software allows entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters: their business. 12.000 entrepreneurs and their teams use Teamleader on a daily basis to sell, bill and organize work. From IT agencies and digital marketers to plumbers and construction companies. It’s our mission to help service businesses all over Europe thrive.

To keep fueling our growth, we are looking for a Customer Expert.

What an average work week looks like:

If you join our Customer Expert team, it’s because you strive to be a product expert on the one hand and derive your energy from delighting customers on the other.

Developing product expertise is key in this role. You’ll need to be curious and crazy about details to become a true Teamleader Focus expert. That expertise comes in handy when helping out our customers at the front line virtually. By talking to customers on a daily basis, you get a deep understanding of both our product and our customers. You’ll represent the voice of the customer by actively passing on their feedback and requests to the product & development department. It’s a team effort: our customer experts pick each other’s brain constantly to assure accurate, timely and surprising support that our customers ask for and deserve.

You will use that growing product knowledge not only to support our customers. According to your own growth, interest and talent, you’ll have the chance to participate in support-related projects in the Customer Expert Team, i.e. contributing to our knowledge base, recording webinars, cross departmental activities with our finance, sales or success teams... and much more.

Working at the Customer Expert team, means you will never, ever come home and say you had “just another day at the office”. You will talk with tons of entrepreneurs everyday, you’ll see them grow and help them become more successful. In turn, you’ll gain new product insights daily, which makes you the Teamleader Focus Expert for our customers and your colleagues.

Why others chose Teamleader: we're lively, not corporate

  • You are part of a fast-growing company that values getting things done and honest communication. The result: a fast-paced tech environment, open feedback culture, room for initiatives and ideas.
  • We have the energy and boldness of a start-up and the expertise and pragmatism of a scale-up. The result: a team of both young and seasoned professionals led by supportive and approachable managers who give recognition and rewards for hard work. We also value transparency about results and strategy.
  • You have your own personal budget to spend on training or (virtual) events and numerous other internal advantages. The result: continuous growth and learning.
  • You have a pleasant and comfortable workplace within cycling and walking distance of the heart of Amsterdam or Ghent. But we are flexible: working remotely is absolutely no problem. And mandatory since the world got hit by COVID-19.

Even in COVID times, Teamleader is a happy, purposeful place. While we miss our shared kitchen and sunlit terrace, our setup allowed for a swift change to a functional and engaging remote work environment. We compensate for social distance with quizzes, cocktails delivered at home, informal chats and events, work-time flexibility, competitions, extra coaching and everything else you can think of.


Sounds like something for you? You would be a good fit for this job if you:

  • Are driven by helping customers get the most out of Teamleader. In fact, customer satisfaction means the world to you.

  • Are patient, emphatic and you are able to keep your calm, even when things get busy.

  • Have awesome problem-solving skills and a razor-sharp, analytical mind.

  • Have the ability to quickly build up excellent product knowledge and do what it takes to keep this up-to-date.

  • Have full proficiency in Dutch, French and English.

  • Are well-organized and detail-oriented: you love a clean desk and keep your calendar and work neatly organized.

  • Go the extra mile to provide superior customer support.

  • Are able to communicate effectively and authentically with customers. You are good at explaining complex problems in an understandable way.

  • Have affinity with IT. A background in tech is not required, but it is definitely a plus if you’ve been in a SaaS environment before.

  • Junior or already have some work experience? We don’t mind, as long as you can prove you’re a hard-working person with a can-do attitude!

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