A better sales process leads to more sales. Teamleader helps you to keep an eye on your sales and make the most of every lead. With the tool, you can also follow up with your employees and motivate them to achieve your company goals.

  • Get the maximum potential out of a lead
  • Create professional invoices easily
  • Work more efficiently in a paperless environment
  • Get immediate feedback from clients
  • Manage your salespeople via automated processes
  • Save time with the fastest sales tool in the cloud
Improve your sales process with Teamleader

Improve your sales process

The sales manager defines the sales process and sets targets for his sales team. He is able to follow up on his team and support them throughout the entire process. He has a perfect overview of the workload of his co-workers, thanks to their integrated agenda. Sales results can also improve quickly because of faster client feedback.

Make calling easier with Teamleader

Make your calls easier

By using the VoIP integration in Teamleader, you can save a lot of time. Retrieve the customer info during each call and edit or segment it easily. Employee achievements are also registered after every call. Provide your client with a great experience and make sure that not a single opportunity is lost, thanks to automated callbacks. 

Automate your sales actions with Teamleader

Automated sales actions

Stop those unuseful, lengthy sales processes and work more efficiently with Teamleader. The tool visualises and maps out the entire sales process. On top of that, you can always follow up on colleagues and make sure you don't miss a single step yourself, thanks to automated reminders.