Make full use of the in-house capacity and expertise you have. Plan out projects and assign tasks to your employee, so you can watch the progress. Be on top of every project thanks to the concise reporting, that allows you to follow up on budgets and deadlines.

  • Visualise the process of your projects
  • Simply create projects out of accepted deals
  • Plan realistic deadlines
  • Maintain control over your resources
  • Check off finished tasks
  • Save time using the fastest project management tool in the cloud
Tackle your projects with Teamleader

Tackle your projects

Extend your grip on your projects and choose to let your customers being involved. Your communication enhances throughout the use of Teamleader, which tracks your time and reminds you to take action. Visualise your milestones and follow up on your projects. 


Optimise your project workflow with Teamleader

Optimise your project workflow

Make it easier to deal with strict deadlines and let Teamleader optimise your project workflow. Regulate the workload for every employee and reduce your administration while doing so. 


The project manager

Communicate faster

Help your project manager to work more efficiently through Teamleader. Communication is easier to follow up on, thanks to the ticketing module. Feedback and questions are being centralised, so the customer can be kept up to date about every project.