Don’t waste time on invoicing! Teamleader centralises all the necessary information and sends invoices either electronically or by post. Afterwards, you can also track the payment status. Timely and correct invoicing has a positive impact on your business! 

  • Easily create professional invoices
  • Work efficiently in a paperless environment
  • Send invoices automatically by post or email
  • Make decisions based on accurate financial dashboards
  • Save time using the fastest invoicing tool in the cloud
Follow up on your clients with Teamleader

Follow up on your clients

Save yourself a lot of time with automated invoicing. Your invoices are being sent with bPost or email and you only have to create the subscription once. Teamleader sends them at the right time and automatically adds late fees. After setting up a link with your bookkeeping, you know exactly which invoices are open and wich ones are paid. 

Make better decisions with Teamleader

Make better decisions

You can create quarterly forecasts and closely follow up on the turnover. Statistics and financial reports help you to make better decisions and improve your company's processes. You can also use these specific numbers to set up some tangible goals and motivate your co-workers. 

The service organisation

Track time and workload

Thanks to the swift sending of invoices, the organisation stays profitable. Uninvoiced time is never lost because it is stored in the tool, so you can always keep track of the work and hours your employees spent on a task. Also, your relationship with customers can improve because you can provide them with these time tracking insights.