You only have to fill in company or contact details once. If you have a VAT number, any available company information can be added automatically through Teamleader. Spare yourself hours of time and frustrations and embrace this new efficiency!

  • Always have your client's information at hand
  • Save time by automatically linking information
  • Stay up-to-date on your client’s status
  • Make better decisions with smart segmentation
  • Enter customer data only once
  • Save time with the fastest CRM in the cloud 
Organise your sales with Teamleader

Organise your sales process

You can now organise your sales much more efficiently. All sales activities are tracked in Teamleader and opportunities are automatically identified throughout the tool as suggested action points. Based on this information, the sales manager can easily assign tasks to the right employee. Be aware of every client's status and make sure to react accordingly!

Tag and segment leads with Teamleader

Tag and segment your leads

Thanks to Teamleader’s ability to tag incoming forms, leads are efficiently collected within Teamleader. Afterwards, the marketing manager can segment his clients . This is not only useful within Teamleader, but also for smart mailing campaigns integrated with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. 

Choosing an all-in-one solution with Teamleader

Choose an all-in-one solution

Teamleader offers a global solution for your business's needs. Your administration drastically decreases, which provides you with more time for your clients.Thanks to the extensive access to your customer data, the follow-up of those clients becomes a lot easier. Use Teamleader for a CRM that grows along with your company... at a very competitive price.