Teamleader Land LP 1

21-23 June 2023

Teamleader Land

Get ready to capture the connections, build the bonds, and unite as one team on our upcoming company trip to Teamleaderland! Our theme is all about coming together and experiencing unforgettable moments that will inspire us to greatness.
Teamleader Land LP 1
  • Teamleader + Mollie.

    Door het InvoiceCloud-platform van Teamleader Focus te gebruiken, kunnen klanten gemakkelijk en snel facturen online betalen als het gekoppeld is aan Mollie. Er zijn +25 manieren om te betalen, zoals iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal en Kredietkaart.

  • Mollie.

    Mollie ondersteunt 25+ lokale betaalmethodes zodat bedrijven online en mobiele betaalmethoden kunnen aanbieden aan hun klanten.
    Geen verborgen kosten - betaal enkel voor succesvolle transacties.

  • Exact Online

    Exact Online is een online boekhoudtool voor ondernemers en accountants. Het geeft je een compleet overzicht van financiële resultaten en cijfers.

We’ve add all the practicalities over here. Please, take them into account.

How to get there?

  • Location: X

  • By Bus: We thrive together, we drive together. We'll be providing transportation, departing from both our Amsterdam and Ghent offices. Our comfortable buses will ensure a smooth and stress-free journey, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic route to our destination. We'll be departing promptly, so please make sure to arrive on time to ensure a timely departure.

  • Can’t make the bus? Reach out to Astrid ASAP.

At the festival site

  • Rooms: To ensure that everyone is comfortable, we have arranged accommodation based on double or triple rooms. If you prefer not to share a room, please reach out to Astrid, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Do keep in mind that we only have some availability so keep it for the people who need it.
    • Double rooms in the Castle. Immerse yourself in a historic and elegant atmosphere, while enjoying modern amenities and comfortable accommodations. This is the perfect option for those looking to unwind and indulge in a truly special and unforgettable experience.

    • Triple rooms in the Glamping Tent at Teamleaderville, providing a unique and memorable experience in the heart of nature. Get ready to immerse yourself in the great outdoors while enjoying the comforts of home in our cozy and spacious tents.

  • Food & Beverages:
    • During the event, we will be providing a breakfast buffet, light lunches, and dinners. We will make sure to have a variety of options available to accommodate different tastes and dietary needs. If you have any specific dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know ahead of time, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

    • We'll provide a wide range of beverage options including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices. We'll have a bar serving beer, wine, as well as soft drinks, water, and juices.

Toilets & showers

  • Toilets & showers in double rooms in bathroom.

  • Luxury toilet and separate shower wagons for Glamping guests

  • Pictures and cameras: During the trip, there will be photo and video recordings. By entering the festival grounds, all visitors are aware of this and give their consent to the organization to use and broadcast this footage.

  • Safety: As a company, we prioritize safety and security. We will have first aid and emergency response measures in place, as well as security measures to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable throughout the trip.


  • Informational WhatsApp group: We will also have an informational WhatsApp group set up for the event. This will allow us to keep everyone up to date with important information and any changes that may occur throughout the trip. Please note that only the admins will be able to post updates in this group, to ensure that everyone receives the correct information in a timely manner.

  • Questions or concerns can be directed to the trip leaders, Jeroen Vdv or Astrid Stes.

  • Dress code: It’s all about connecting, building, and having fun together as a team. With that in mind, we encourage everyone to dress comfortably and casually, in line with the nature-focused and relaxed atmosphere of the location. Dress for the weather, wear your favorite comfortable outfit, and come ready to connect and have a great time with your colleagues!

  • Catch up with your work time: While we encourage you to take this opportunity to fully immerse yourselves in the experience, we understand that some may need to catch up on work during the trip. Therefore, we have planned designated catch-up times throughout the line-up. However, we expect our employees to take accountability for their own workload and manage their time effectively during these periods. We encourage everyone to prioritize connecting with colleagues and participating in team-building activities, while also taking advantage of the catch-up time to ensure they can fully enjoy the rest of the trip.

  • Activities: We've planned a variety of activities that cater to different interests and preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. We've carefully balanced our line-up to offer a mix of adventure, relaxation, and fun, so you can make the most of your stay with us.