Marketing is in charge of lead generation. We discover what makes potential customers that could be a great fit for Teamleader Focus. We’re all about the numbers: we dive headfirst into our analytics to make sense of which marketing activities are working and which aren’t so we can constantly tweak our tactics. We’re a team that supports one another, and works with people across the business to do so.

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 10
    Head of Brand Studio

    Peter Van Wijnaerde

  • Benny Waelput
    GTM Marketeer

    Benny Waelput

  • Robin Van Cleemput
    Head of Creative

    Robin Van Cleemput

  • Maarten Desmet

    Maarten Desmet

  • Ward Boone
    GTM Marketeer

    Ward Boone

  • Dimitri Coppens
    Indirect Marketing Manager

    Dimitri Coppens

  • Nicolò Rampazzo
    Digital Campaign Manager

    Nicolò Rampazzo

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00008 1
    GTM Marketeer

    Sophie Soete

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    Marketing Automation Expert

    Hanne Van den Berghe

  • Meet The Team John Doe
    Visual Content Creator

    Alex Bernard

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    Website Manager

    Victoria Pons

  • HQ & International marketers in local markets

    We have marketers working at our HQ in Ghent supporting international teams. This makes up for a really interesting dynamic, with a hyperlocal marketing approach. We support each other to make sure every country is hitting their numbers in order to grow.

  • Getting our nerd game on at 'Get smarter Friday'

    Every first Friday of the month, we spend our mornings polishing our marketing expertise or broadening our horizon by learning about a completely new topic. Afterwards, we share what we learned and contribute to improving everyone’s skills.

  • Focused expertise, great results

    Teamleader Focus’s marketing team is a pretty diverse group of people who all have different expertise in the marketing field. With this small area of focus, we have a great overview of all our marketing activities and build our expertise in-house.

  • Want to join the team?

    Join a passionate team and contribute to the success of a fast-growing company.