To make sure the objectives of our company, teams, and individuals are aligned and achieved, everyone strives for top performance. HR helps to make sure we can retain valuable talents in our organisation and learn what drives and motivates people. We invest in engaging people and creating the best possible employee experience - which positively affects performance.

  • Femke De Vleeschouwer
    HR Business Partner

    Femke De Vleeschouwer

  • Eva Maertens
    HR Business Partner

    Eva Maertens

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    In-house Recruiter

    Lyn Bleyen

  • Safeguarding our company culture

    Finding fresh talent is an important part of helping Teamleader Focus grow as a company. Found a good candidate? We try to be as transparent and as efficient as possible throughout the entire selection process. We can spot talent whenever we see it, so we recruit people fast. With every potential candidate we make sure there’s a really strong match with our culture.

  • Goals & career path

    People at Teamleader Focus raise the bar high for themselves and are hungry to learn. That’s why they often work on projects across departments. With our Growth Challenger program, HR makes sure employees have goals to challenge themselves as well as opportunities to take it up a notch and grow within the company.

  • Want to join the team?

    Join a passionate team and contribute to the success of a fast-growing company.