Our Finance team loves to talk numbers and makes sure we can build a sustainable and financially viable company in the long run. We make informed decisions based on true facts and figures. How much money is really going in and out? We do whatever it takes to safeguard the financial future of our company.

  • Jonas De Mets
    Head of Data & Operations

    Jonas De Mets

  • Jolien De Vriese
    Executive Assistant

    Jolien De Vriese

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe

    Nana Wauters

  • Katrien Baert
    Data Scientist

    Katrien Baert

  • Gerlinde Vanbergen
    Head of Kitchen

    Gerlinde Vanbergen

  • Shauni Declercq
    Credit & Collection Officer

    Shauni Declercq

  • Legal Manager
    Legal Manager

    Edward Huyghe

  • Astrid Stes
    Office Manager

    Astrid Stes

  • Ilse De Vijlder
    Payroll Officer

    Ilse De Vijlder

  • Arno De Clercq
    Data Analyst

    Arno De Clercq

  • Laura Joris
    Finance Manager

    Laura Joris

  • Frederik Lantsoght
    Marketing Data Analyst

    Frederik Lantsoght

  • Meet The Team Shots Website 00013 1

    Silvia Aguirre

  • Meet The Team John Doe
    Product Analyst

    Kemal Kar

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    Credit & Collection Officer

    Ulrike Neels

  • Meet The Team Jane Doe
    Data Analyst

    Shreya Saxena

  • Fast growth requires flexible finance processes

    Since we’re growing so fast, we need to shift gears quickly and optimize our processes every week. Every week? Yes, you heard us right! If necessary, we change them every day. We need to reevaluate fast to make sure our work method is still doing the trick.

  • New countries, new legislations

    Our legal team is centralized at our HQ in Ghent. We’re now active in 6 countries, each with their own legislation. It makes it challenging and tough at times, but also keeps our motivation high.

  • Every member of the finance team is responsible for a country

    Finance usually picks up on things first. We’re not hitting our targets? A country is understaffed on sales people? We serve as the troubleshooters for all the other departments and keep our eyes peeled on potential issues to make sure we can focus on growth.

  • Want to join the team?

    Join a passionate team and contribute to the success of a fast-growing company.