Our certified Service Partners

Trained by Teamleader and experts in their field.
Together with our Service Partners, we help our customers work smarter.

  • Adds2marketing


    Adds2marketing thrives on creating relevant, engaging and interactive digital experiences. Its core business: digital strategy, visual webdesign and software development with a full range of digital marketing automation solutions

  • Core solutions


    CoreSolutions has been supporting companies in their operational processes since 2017. It offers cost-efficient and above all reliable solutions, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

  • Alfa solutions

    Alfa Solutions

    Alfa Solutions has been a reliable IT partner for the entire digital workflow for over 30 years: from hardware to software, cloud solutions to cybersecurity. It provides tailor-made implementations, training and support

  • Cloudshake


    Loads of emails, outdated servers, billing on Sundays, ... With CloudShake’s administrative and technical services the administration and digitalisation of companies becomes a piece of cake.

  • Andless


    AnDless supports companies in optimising and/or implementing administrative processes. Its mission: to increase the efficiency - and the turnover - of companies.

  • Effix

    EFFIX Group

    EFFIX Group builds high-performance IT networks for companies. If a company grows, they make sure that the IT infrastructure grows with it and continues to support the ambitions.

  • Eurosys


    Eurosys provides optimal IT environments for companies and organisations, creating safe workplaces for happy employees.

  • Net Cas


    NetCas is a cloud & network specialist and IT advisor, helping start-ups, the self-employed and small SMEs to work smarter and find their way in the digital online world.

  • Nextdoor

    Nextdoor Consultancy

    There is a software solution for every step in the business process. Nextdoor IT Consultancy implements exclusively cloud solutions, so that companies can get started quickly and with the latest technology.

  • Niels Vanden Buverie

    Niels Vanden Buverie

    Niels Vanden Buverie helps business grow by integrating software applications and digitizing workflows.

  • One 1 T


    The One-IT team provides strategic advice and guides companies in the field of IT. Their certified experts guarantee a quality, personal service tailored to each company.

  • Venerit


    Venerit helps entrepreneurs to work safely in the cloud with the right programs and applications. They think along with you, propose solutions that help you move forward and are thus an extension of your company.

  • Nuxcon


    No time for administration or a workload that is too high? Nuxcon offers entrepreneurs and SMEs customised administrative and office support, based on expert knowledge.

  • Lipa

    Lipa ICT nv

    Lipa ICT is the all-in-one ICT partner for companies. It has everything to make your ICT infrastructure function perfectly.

  • Alacart


    More sales also means more administration. Drawing up offers, making invoices, etc. simply takes a lot of time. Alacart takes over this administration, so that entrepreneurs have more time for their customers.

  • Userfull


    Userfull supports companies and helps them grow by using IT in a personal, strategic and future-oriented way. It thinks along with clients, offers them support and develops customised software.

  • Hubco


    Hub.co (re)develops integratable digital software solutions for every modern workplace. As Microsoft 365 and Teamleader experts, their focus is always on efficiency and simplicity.

  • Efficado


    Efficado helps B2B service providers, coaches and solo entrepreneurs to grow their business with social media strategies. It focuses mainly on the technology, sports and services industry.

  • Irisoft

    Irisoft Solutions BV

    Irisoft Solutions is a digitalisation partner for entrepreneurs and companies. It helps companies with a business-oriented approach, taking into account the document flow and the objectives

  • M Core

    MCore Services

    MCore Services is a flexible, dynamic team that specialises in digitalising companies and automating their administration.

  • Dedecker consulting

    Dedecker Consulting

    A company involves a lot of administration and this often takes up a lot of time. With the right software, Dedecker Consulting ensures that entrepreneurs get more done with less effort.

  • Cloud consulting


    CLOUDMEN converts organisations to Google Workspace, so they can collaborate productively and in real time anywhere. Scan documents directly into a shared Google Drive folder or connect your cloud environment to Teamleader.

  • Coachall Logo



    Coachall helpt bedrijven om slimmer te werken. Met ease-of-use als uitgangspunt integreert Coachall bestaande cloudoplossingen of maakt het integraties op maat zodat bedrijven minder tijd verliezen met operationele zaken en meer tijd overhouden voor hun klanten.

  • Shark Media logo primair


    Growth marketing agency gespecialiseerd in leadgeneratie. Vooral actief in bouw-, mobiliteit- en energiesectoren. SharkMedia gaat snel en efficiënt te werk om uw bedrijf mee te laten groeien.

  • Logo full gradient 1



    Enshift helpt ondernemers focussen op hun business door al hun processen en data te centraliseren en integreren. Zo werken medewerkers en teams efficiënter samen en hebben ze overal toegang tot alle nodige informatie om waarde te creëren voor de klant.

  • Logo transparent background



    WimNet connecteert & integreert je bedrijfstools & communicatie, met service zoals het moet: simpel, snel en goed! Als partner maken we van je ecosysteem een futureproof bedrijf.

  • Origineel



    QualiMiYa is jouw partner in administratieve ondersteuning en het maken van websites. Daarnaast bieden ze advies aan voor softwareoplossingen alsook het uitvoeren van implementaties voor de volledige digitale workflow of op maat.
    Kortom QualiMiYa denkt mee na over processen, het zoeken naar efficiëntie en stelt mee doelstellingen op.

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Your company in this overview?

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