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5 facts about Teamleader Focus

Built from the ground up based on customer feedback

Powered by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, CEO and founder Jeroen De Wit started his own web design agency during college together with co-founders Willem Delbare and Mathias De Loore. A customer's request for project management components prompted the idea to build a standalone software application - from the ground up.

Eventually, they switched their entire focus to supporting and developing their new CRM software. Teamleader Focus was founded in July 2012, and grew organically from a customer-centric philosophy. The CRM module, the beating heart of the tool, was built from scratch, based mainly on customer feedback.

5 facts about Teamleader Focus

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Growing at rocket speed


Growing at rocket speed

Teamleader Focus is in constant flux. Once Teamleader Focus began to take shape, funding was raised through 3 consecutive funding rounds: a Seed Round of €1 million in May 2014, Series A of €2.5 million in May 2015, and Series B of €10 million in November 2016) to further fuel our growth. We’re excited what the future holds!

Teamleader Focus goes Europe

Over the course of two years, Teamleader Focus opened offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, and Paris. Teamleader Focus now counts 170 employees and is still growing strong.

Teamleader Focus goes Europe

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Our trophy room


Our trophy room

In the last 5 years, Teamleader Focus has earned public recognition with numerous national and international awards and nominations.

  • HenQ Award at The Next Web Europe Conference
  • Nominated for Deloitte’s Rising Star Award 2015
  • Startups.be’s Tech Startup of the Year 2015
  • UNIZO’s Most Promising SME of Flanders 2016-2017
  • Team Award & Hero Award at Customer Success Hero Awards 2017
  • CEO Jeroen De Wit was named one of the 10 best CEOs in IT by Dutch online magazine Computable.nl
  • Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 50

On a continuous mission

Every day, our passionate team works hard to improve our product in our mission to help SMEs work smarter. We will do everything in our power to help customers focus on what matters most.

On a continuous mission


Teamleader Focus is...


Teamleader Focus is accessible; we think and act from the perspective of a growing business, just like our customers. We’re local, we’re friendly. We’re the kind of company you would like to chat with over a beer (or cava) – not the kind that’s only concerned about the bottom line.


We believe in optimising CRM, invoicing, and project management. Yes, there are numerous tried and true ways of working, but there are also smarter improvements that come with digital and the cloud. We capitalize on these with intuitive design so you can work better.


We want to help growing businesses thrive – after all, your success inspires ours. That's what makes our product a collaborative effort; we think carefully about answers to our customers' everyday business problems. And we're not satisfied until it works.

A thought leader

Work evolves constantly; Teamleader Focus delivers relevant insights so users can build, organise and collaborate. We offer valuable content to our customers, partners and community on how to boost business; we give workshops on lead management, hold talks on how to grow. In short, we inspire others by sharing ideas - enabling businesses to focus on what matters. The trust and credibility we earn makes Teamleader Focus a sustainable partner for the long term.

A resource

Teamleader Focus is an affordable solution that provides users with data, tutorials, reports, how-tos, integrated tools – and excellent customer service. Users can rely on Teamleader Focus to find helpful ways to optimise their methods and improve their workflow with well-designed software and new ideas.


Intuitive and easy-to-use means Teamleader Focus clients benefit from a straight-forward product that is easy to integrate into their current way of working – saving precious time!

The story behind our logo

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The story behind our logo

Our origami-inspired logo reflects precision and resourcefulness. The connection with origami is more than symbolic: it’s an art that embodies how focused efforts can lead to unexpected results.

Just like a plain sheet of paper can be transformed into something attractive, Teamleader Focus has the same approachable process. With surprising efficiency, Teamleader Focus's simple and intelligent interface can take ordinary data and turn it into something more useful - helping users work smarter. And we feel that, like origami, the results are a thing of beauty.

There’s also the aspect of a paperless world: Teamleader Focus helps you reduce and simplify your administration. Origami is just one of the many alternative ways for you to use the paper you save.

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