Voice calls (VoIP)

Streamline your voice calls

  • Identify the caller through CRM or create a new contact
  • Call contacts with one click and never forget to call them again
  • Record the time spent on each call
  • Take notes during your interview

Teamleader is integrated with the Twilio VoIP service so that you can automatically record calls and link it to the information to your CRM. If you missed a call, Teamleader will suggest calling them back. Teamleader also supports Click-to-Dial.

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Know who’s calling

If you get a call from one of your contact people, Teamleader automatically opens a detail page where you can add notes about the conversation. The VoIP connection also records unknown numbers so that you can easily add new client data. And if you call a new number, then Teamleader automatically creates a new contact.

Record calls and callers IDs
Call with one click from CRM

Call with one click

Call your contacts in Teamleader. Just click on the phone number in the client’s profile. Teamleader also supports click-to-dial in Outlook and Gmail.

Sign up call

Teamleader records the duration of each call. The records for incoming and outgoing calls are recorded directly in the appropriate client file. You can easily pull up the call info afterwards. Teamleader also displays the calls also on the timeline by showing you the number of calls during a given period.

Sign up call and record time of a call
Don't forget to call back - automatic reminders

Never forget to call back

Did you miss a call? You’ll never forget to call back again. Teamleader automatically places a note in your schedule if you miss a call. If they left a voice-mail, you can also listen to it directly in Teamleader.

Instantly buy new telephone numbers

Buy new local and foreign telephone numbers with Teamleader Voice. This way you have a local phone number for your calls to foreign countries, so you pay the local price. The applications of Teamleader Voice are endless; for example a specific number per department, a phone number to do outbound marketing,… You can always choose with which telephone number you make your calls.

Local telephone lines available instantly