All of your activities in one calendar

All of your activities in one calendar

  • Keep track of all of your tasks, meetings and calls in one integrated calendar
  • Share your calendar and find free time
  • Synchronize with other calendar
  • Send e-mail invitations from your calendar

You can manage all of your tasks, meetings and phone calls in one integrated calendar. You can sync it with Google Apps, Office 365 or iCloud so that you are up to date at all times. You and your co-workers can share your schedule so that you can gain insight into their schedules. But of course, your private meetings can only be seen by you.

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Integrated calendar

Teamleader provides an integrated calendar that manages all of your tasks, meetings and phone calls and shares them with colleagues. Keep an eye on what’s going on thanks to Teamleader’s convenient day, week and month overview. Are you scheduling a meeting? All you have to do is compare your calendar with those of your colleagues to quickly find a free moment.

Manage your appointments

Manage an appointment online with one of your contacts and instantly send an invitation via e-mail. Add several colleagues and contacts to the meeting. Whether you are creating an appointment or reacting to an invitation, it will automatically appear in your Teamleader calendar.

Synchronise your calendar

One calendar for all of your activities. Synchronize your Teamleader calendar with Outlook, Office 365, Google Calendar and iCloud - and vice versa. Import your own calendar to avoid scheduling the same  meeting twice, and other such conflicts. Obviously only you will be able to see your personal appointments.

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