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Our ‘holy’ Product Management motto

Agile product management to its core

Agile product management to its core

We really swear by the Agile product management method, you could say it’s our holy grail. We always ask ourselves 3 questions: does a request fit the product vision? Are we going to be good at this? Is it going to matter to our users? With this feedback in mind, we define our product roadmap to make sure the work gets done.

Learning to say “no”

Learning how to say “no”

The most important part of our job is actually saying “no” to certain product requests. In a friendly, tactful way of course. After all, it’s hard to please everyone. It's sometimes a tough balancing act, but we need to be tough sometimes to make sure our product is heading in the right direction.

Stakeholder communication

Stakeholder communication

We never forget our many stakeholders: (potential) customers, employees, investors, ... To investigate the real value of new requests, we add every opinion to the table. Explaining “why” something is or isn’t useful is really important.

Meet the Product team at Teamleader

Product is the middleman between all our stakeholders and the development team, working together to develop a product used by thousands of users on a daily basis. We have a strong vision on where the product is heading and always try to keep all of our stakeholders’ best interests in mind.

Facing the inevitable growing pains of a
fast-moving scale-up

Since we’re growing incredibly fast and the SaaS space is in a constant state of flux, we’re going through some growing pains. We try to be as honest as possible about this - to our own team, as well as the outside world. Given the massive growth in our user base, at one point, we’re bound to stumble upon some issues. We don’t shy away from those either. They challenge us to do better each and every day, and keep us on the edge.

Listen to the beats that make us enter ‘the zone’

"Maybe 9 people cán make a baby in 1 month?"

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