Properly onboarding a new employee is really important to us. From the moment you start, through your first month, to the successful completion of your first year - we want to ensure you feel at ease and at home. We’ll provide you with a strong framework to start your adventure at Teamleader.

Get to know our company & product in our onboarding track

When you kick off your journey at Teamleader, you'll be joining our Onboarding track in which you get to know the ins and outs of our product, our customers, and our culture in no time. To learn the real added value of Teamleader, we'll help you get more insight into the issues our customers deal with, and more importantly, how we help solve them. As soon as you get the hang of this, you're ready for the real thing, and will get to know our product in detail. We'll also have some time set aside to dive into Teamleader yourself, and spice up your product knowledge.

You're free to use this framework as you please - we just provide you with all the tools you need. We'll leave it up to you to decide how you want to make the most use out of it. Remember: it's your journey, you decide where it will take you.

Do you have any practical questions? Your Teamleader buddy is here for you! Each new Teamleader gets the support of someone who's been here for a while and would be able to blindly give you a tour of the office or show you where the cookie cupboard is.

Onboarding track

Grow as a professional at Teamleader

In the onboarding phase we give you an extra boost to make sure you're up and running in no time. At Teamleader, you can work on your personal and professional growth while building the future of the company together at the same time. Just grow with us!

Our growth challengers stimulate you to get the best out of yourself and reach your full potential. Your input and dedication are important to work on your growth within the company. Does your expertise, skills, and ambitions match the needs of our organisation? Just take matters into your own hands, take action, and become an intrapreneur in our company!

Ready to grow your career and shape the future of Teamleader?