You’ve got the job! So what’s next?

  • What happens after you signed your contract?

    Our Payroll team contacts you to register all your important details. Our dedicated onboarding person will get in touch with you to fill you in on all the details about your first day. If you won’t be working at our HQ in Ghent, our Office team gets in touch to get everything sorted out about your stay in Belgium for our Onboarding track.

  • Which tools will you have at your disposal?

    You get your own laptop (don’t worry - you get the option to choose between a Dell or a Mac) and multimedia gear (i.e. keyboard, large computer screen, and headset). In addition, everyone gets access to Slack, Gmail, Teamleader (duh!), Jira, our internal Wiki space, and so on.

  • What will your first day on the job look like?

    Everyone - regardless whether you’ll be working at HQ or not - will be spending their first two weeks in Ghent in our special Onboarding track in which you will receive thorough Product training as well as an in-depth introduction of all departments. Even more, there will be some time set aside for you to practice Teamleader yourself. Afterwards, there’s a training period so you can learn the ropes. We properly finish off our Onboarding track with drinks.

Learning & growing opportunities at Teamleader

  • What do the Teamleader perks entail?

    The Teamleader perks is a fixed yearly budget for every employee which you can spend on improving your skills or bonding with your colleagues abroad. For example, you can use it to travel to one of our offices, invest in a tool, or for training purposes. Just choose whatever works best for you!

  • Do we invest in the growth of our employees?

    Yes! We can’t stress enough how much we value this, it’s part of our DNA. Our business and technology evolves at rocket speed, so we thoroughly invest in lifelong learning. We hand you the tools to make you a better professional (i.e. team workshops, training budget, and free-to-spend perks budget). It’s up to you to decide which trainings you want to follow.

  • Is it possible to change jobs within the company?

    Teamleader is a growing company so things can move fast. Even though we haven’t outlined any concrete growth paths, switching positions is definitely an option because we want you to develop yourself further. Depending on your own ambitions, whenever an opportunity for growth presents itself, you can develop yourself both on a horizontal and on a vertical level.

Gaining an international experience

  • What does the fox say?

    piew piew

  • Is it possible to work from our offices abroad?

    Yes, you can use your personal perks budget to travel to our offices for a limited time period. In addition, every new employee will receive an initial training in Ghent.

  • Can I choose the place where I will be employed?

    This isn’t a standard option. As we only work with native speakers in the local offices, it’s hard to choose your place of employment. But we do encourage everyone to gain international experience by visiting a local office for a short period of time with your perks budget, attend an event abroad, and so on.

Recruitment & selection

  • Are you obliged to include a motivational letter with your application?

    Needless to say that adding a creative, original cover letter next to your CV is definitely a huge plus. Make sure it’s tied to the vacancy you’re applying for as well as to what our company does. It’s simple: just try to knock our socks off.

    Do you know what would really spark our attention? Tell us in a creative way (think about a content format that’s out of the box, such as video) why you would be up for the job.

  • What should you wear for an in-person interview?

    Just be your casual self. No need to pull out the big guns - we’re definitely not a suit and tie company. Just wear something you feel comfortable in. (Needless to say you can leave your flip flops at home)

  • Should I apply for multiple vacancies at once?

    Even though we love enthusiastic applicants who are really motivated to work for us, it’s important to focus on a specific area for which you would like to apply. We prefer quality over quantity anyway.

  • If we reject your profile, is it recommended to apply for another vacancy in the near future?

    As the requirements for other vacancies remain similar, we wouldn’t encourage people to apply right away. If you’re very motivated to come and work for us, we can advise you to wait for a few months and keep an eye on our vacancies in the meantime.

Company culture

  • What is my name?

    Maarten Desmet

  • What is the vision and mission of Teamleader?

    We want to help SMEs focus on what matters most. We do this by offering intuitive, intelligent, easy-to-use, and affordable software. Teamleader helps companies save time, build better relations, collaborate better, organise smarter, grow their business, and ultimately, work smarter.

  • What are Teamleader’s company objectives?

    People & Learning - Build an open organisation driving a culture of commitment, learning and intrapreneurship
    Process Excellence - Be scalable and agile in everything we do
    Customer - Deliver exceptional customer experience (and become market leader in Europe for SMEs)
    Financial - Have a steady year-over-year growth

  • Is Teamleader a bonus-driven organisation?

    Teamleader consciously chooses to work with team incentives which are not based on individual performances but on a company level. We can’t stress enough how much we value team efforts.

  • How do employees collaborate with each other and keep in touch?

    In our workplace, we facilitate communication with tools such as Slack which bring together all communication in one place. This internal chat app supports real-time messaging with our colleagues, no matter where they are, and archiving in a variety of channels. What’s more, after a heavy work week, employees bond and mingle during Cava Fridays to blow off some steam and discuss the past work week over a beer or a glass (or two) of cava.

    Taking a work hard, play hard-attitude to heart, Teamleader also organises activities away from the office. For example, Teamleader organised its very first family day: every employee was invited to bring a few family members or friends to give them a chance to meet their colleagues in an informal and cozy setting.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via jobs@teamleader.eu