Since we’re growing so fast, we have made our application process smooth to make sure we can move fast and quickly hire talent whenever we see it. We want to be as transparent as possible about what you can expect when you apply at Teamleader.

Quick note: we don’t follow these steps all too rigorously but we use them as a framework.

Here's what you can expect:

Short call with HR

You’ve sparked our attention with an excellent resume and inspiring cover letter? Next up, one of our recruiters will reach out via email to schedule a call to get to know you a little better and check whether you would fit in our team in terms of skills and culture. We’d love to get a better sense of who you are and what drives you. We really love to hear your charming voice too! After all, there’s only so much your resume tells about you. Handy tip: try a Teamleader trial, we truly appreciate that.

In-person interview with HR

After you complete the personality test, we’ll organise an in-person interview at our office or via online conference call with one of our recruiters. This meeting is used to learn more about what drives you, your experience, skillset, and personality.

Job-related skill test

Made it to the next step? To dig deeper into you experience, now’s the time to prove us you’re up for the job. We provide you with a job-related test to complete at home in which we can assess your skills. Once you send it over to us, we’ll evaluate it with great care.

Second in-person interview with potential manager

You’re almost there! If your test proves to be of good quality, we’ll get you to stop by our office once more for a second interview with your potential team lead and drill down into your skills and experience. Occasionally, we also invite people for a third interview to meet up with other colleagues and see whether you jell with the team.

Evaluation: are you on board or not?

If all the steps above are positive and you prove to be the best candidate, we put our heads together to make a decision and come up with a personal offer. Next up, the recruiter calls you with great news: “we want you for the job!” and presents you with an offer and overview of additional perks. In case we don’t decide to move forward, we give you a call too to explain why we decided to end things here.

You got the job? Congratulations!


What happens after you signed your contract?

Our Payroll team contacts you to register all your important details. Our dedicated onboarding person will get in touch with you to fill you in on all the details about your first day. If you won’t be working at our HQ in Ghent, our Office team gets in touch to get everything sorted out about your stay in Belgium for our Onboarding track.

Do we invest in the growth of our employees?

Yes! We can’t stress enough how much we value this, it’s part of our DNA. Our business and technology evolves at rocket speed, so we thoroughly invest in lifelong learning. We hand you the tools to make you a better professional (i.e. team workshops, training budget, and free-to-spend perks budget). It’s up to you to decide which trainings you want to follow.

What do the Teamleader perks entail?

The Teamleader perks is a fixed yearly budget for every employee which you can spend on improving your skills or bonding with your colleagues abroad. For example, you can use it to travel to one of our offices, invest in a tool, or for training purposes. Just choose whatever works best for you!