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You might have heard, but on May 11th, we launched our very own Teamleader Marketplace: a place where all sorts of integrations and productivity apps are gathered. The goal of this Marketplace? To make it easier for our customers to connect Teamleader with lots of helpful integrations.

And by introducing our new ‘Build’ page, we’ve made it as easy for anyone with some technical skills who wants to create their own integrations and connect with over 6000 companies in all of Europe.


Good question, glad you asked. Because although Teamleader offers quite the full solution, it’s not enough for everyone. And we don’t need to reinvent the wheel: there are already lots and lots of powerful tools out there; you just need to find them.

By introducing our Marketplace Build page, we’ve created a space where developers and other tech-savvy people can create and share their own integrations with the entire Teamleader community.

By allowing others to create integrations, we’re hoping to eliminate the so called ‘information silos’. Such silos are a danger to companies, as information that should be shared is kept in closed off environments, resulting in duplicate and incorrect data.

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Another great question, you’re on a roll!

We’ll provide you with the necessary API documentation.

One thing we ask of you is to use OAuth 2 as an authentication protocol. We prefer it over other protocols because of its highly secure character and its user-friendliness. The ‘Build’ page also contains your OAuth credentials. Find more info about OAuth right here.

Who can build an integration?

Anyone with a Teamleader account!

How do I submit my integration to the Marketplace?

Easily enough, when you’ve finished building it you’ll need to enter an install URL into your Marketplace account. Besides that, we need you to enter some other information such as:

  • A logo or icon (square, at least 512x512 pixels)
  • The redirect URI for oAuth2
  • The oAuth2 scopes: which kind of data does the end user have to give access to?
  • Localizable information: a short and long description in the languages and countries you want your app to be published in.

This last one is important if you want to share your integration with as many people as possible. The more languages you provide, the more people will be able to find and use it. We’ll need at least an English description to be able to publish it to the Marketplace.

Once you’ve submitted your app, we’ll review it. If everything checks out, we’ll notify you and publish it for you. It will be prominently featured on our ‘New’ category.

I’m not sure my integration is suited for anyone but me...

And that’s okay! You can create your own personal integrations for you to try out, and if you feel comfortable enough, you can publish and share them with others whenever you like. This is a safe place.

That’s all great and stuff, but what if I’m not technical enough?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our current Marketplace, you can always reach out to one of our trustworthy partners such as Yappa, Starring Jane, Combidesk or iDot Media. They’ll be happy to help you out!

Can I promote my integration?

Of course you can, the more the merrier. We’ll even help you. Reach out to marketplace@teamleader.eu and we’ll see what our Marketing team can do for you.

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Benny Waelput

Benny’s our man to launch new product updates, both from an external and internal point of view. He understands what makes Teamleader users tick like no one else and helps customers get the most out of each feature. He’s a jack-of-all-trades in its true sense; he prides himself on knowing ‘everything about something, and something of everything’. He’s literally sat in every chair in every department: Content Marketing, Sales, Customer Success… Knowledge he can definitely put to excellent use in the Product Marketing team. Watch out for Benny strumming his bass guitar in his spare time.

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