Teamleader rebranded en

During the course of the past few weeks - or months, rather - Teamleader has set course for a strengthened identity. Our quest? To clearly define our key values and our very own brand identity.

Ever since the founding of Teamleader in 2012, the company has seen a massive growth spurt. Both the expansion of the team and the customer portfolio make fresh new ideas pop up constantly. Yet Teamleader has always remained true to its original vision and mission statement. It was pretty clear from the start what Teamleader stands for; it was just never written down.

During the course of the past few weeks - or months, rather - Teamleader has set course for a strengthened identity. Our quest? To clearly define our key values and our very own brand identity. This whole adventure was closely aligned with our international expansion. Because, as you may have noticed, Teamleader has long left the borders of Ghent behind.

Thanks to this exercise, we created a tagline that fits in swimmingly with Teamleader's mission statement:

Work Smarter

“Teamleader combines insight with intuitive tools designed for growing businesses to work smarter.”

We feel that this tagline better underlines our core values. The same can be said for the way we captured the benefits Teamleader offers its customers:

Build better relationships
Organize your business
Collaborate with your team

Out of all these coffee-filled brainstorms, we ended up creating a refreshing new style guide and, to top it off, a brand new logo, which we are now proud to present to all of you:


So why this logo exactly? Let us explain:

To reflect Teamleader's precision and ingenuity, the initials are crafted into origami letters. The link with origami is more than symbolic. Origami is an art that embodies how directed effort can lead to unexpected results. Just as a plain sheet of paper can be transformed into something attractive, Teamleader has the same approachable process. With surprising efficiency, Teamleader's simple and intelligent interface can take ordinary data and turn it into something more useful that helps users work smarter. And we feel that, like origami, the results are a thing of beauty.

Part of this rebranding was a completely new application design, which wil be released in the next few hours. But it didn’t stop there. While trying to figure out our new identity, we came up with a few core values that we think resemble Teamleader the most. Here’s the general idea:

We're just like you
Teamleader is accessible; we think from the perspective of a growing business just like yours. We’re local, we’re friendly. We’re the kind of company you would like to chat with over a beer (or a glass of wine)—not stuffy corporates only concerned about the bottom line.

More time for what's important
We believe in optimizing customer, invoice and project management. Yes, there are numerous tried and true ways of working, but there are also smart opportunities for improvement that come with digital and the cloud. We capitalize on these with intuitive design so you can work better.

We want you to succeed
We want to help growing businesses thrive—after all, your success inspires ours. That’s what makes our product a collaborative effort; we think carefully about answers to our customers’ everyday business problems. And we’re not satisfied until it works.

Top of mind for top of work
Work evolves constantly; Teamleader stays on top delivering relevant insights so users can build, organize and collaborate. We inspire businesses by sharing ideas—enabling them to focus on the important stuff. The trust and credibility we earn makes Teamleader 
a sustainable partner for the long-term.

One struggle simplified
Intuitive and easy-to-use means Teamleader clients benefit from a straight-forward product that is easy to integrate into any workflow. Plus, it’s saving precious time! Free of complicated contracts or lengthy tutorials, too.

A repository of ideas, insights and tools
Teamleader is an affordable solution that provides users with data, tutorials, reports, How Tos, integrated tools—and excellent customer service. Users can rely on Teamleader to find helpful ways to optimize their methods and improve their workflow with well-designed software and new ideas.