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We are very pleased to introduce you to our newest acquisition in the paperless story of Teamleader, because today we really are going live with Invoicecloud.

Did you say Invoicecloud? Absolutely, we say! Invoicecloud is a concept much like our other platforms, Cloudsign and Projectcloud. The platform allows you to let your customers inspect and pay their invoices online. It's the end of cumbersome bank transfer and late payers. As from today, you define the conditions!

How does it work?

Via our revised Integrations you will now see two new options: Mollie and Stripe. These are two integrations that allow you to conduct online payments. Mollie, for example, supports Paypal, Mister Cash, iDEAL, Sofort, bitcoin and bank transfer. Stripe is limited to most types of credit cards.

Payment integration


You need an account for both services. For Mollie, you can arrange this on their website. Once you have set up your account, you need their API key to make the connection with Teamleader. As soon as you have made the connection, you can use their payment method.


You can make an account for Stripe directly from inside Teamleader. Simply follow the steps that Stripe presents to you and you too can get started with letting your customers pay via credit card.

Linking to Invoicloud

Now it is just a question of sending your customers a link to Invoicecloud, so that they can pay their invoices directly online. For this, we have provided a special short code that you can use in your templates for sending invoices.

When setting up your templates for sending invoices, you can now use the simple variable #LINK. If you then send your invoice with the accompanying e-mail, then this variable is replaced by the sentence "Pay invoice online".

The link behind this takes you directly to the Invoicecloud platform. On the platform, your customer can inspect, download or, of course, pay his invoice online. When you click on 'pay online', the various payment options are shown. Your customer can therefore choose his favourite method of payment!

Has your customer paid his invoice? In Teamleader, the invoice concerned is given the status 'paid'!

Status invoices

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