3 customer visits in 48 hours, 100% passion: our trip to Paris in a nutshell

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France is one of the six EU countries where we’re helping a growing number of companies organize their sales, invoicing and work so they can do more business with less hassle. Seeing as Teamleader is what it is today thanks to feedback from thousands of entrepreneurs, we decided to check in with some of our customers in Paris. Curious to know how our trip went? Take a peek behind the scenes below!

#1 LET’S CLIC digs our proximity

Spending quality time with three customers in Paris in just 48 hours? Teamleader wouldn't be Teamleader if we weren’t up for a challenge. Our first stop was LET'S CLIC, a loyal Teamleader Focus customer since 2016. The digital agency with a team of 28 employees is led by CEO Baptiste Delamare. He and communications manager Karine Lanctuit shared their experience with our software solution.

So what exactly did we take away from our visit? We heard from LET'S CLIC that they are happy customers who greatly appreciate Teamleader’s local anchoring. Not only our physical proximity, but also the French-speaking support service are valued by the agency. Their constructive advice: our onboarding and support videos could be a little snappier. Merci, well noted!

#2 VÆRSUS wants to go deep with data

VÆRSUS partners Marc Ocler and Guillaume Flamant share the view of LET'S CLIC that local presence is crucial! The consultancy of around five full-time staff has been using Teamleader since 2016 to work smarter.

VÆRSUS are so enthusiastic that they’ve even recommended us to other French companies who have also become customers! Their word to the wise? The more in-depth insights, the better. As a cherry on top, VÆRSUS treated us to an NPS score of 9 the day after our visit. Génial!

#3 Belazar has an appetite for innovation (& lunch)

Marketing agency Belazar was created after the founders learned the tricks of the trade at TBWA. CEO Côme Jacobée, customer director Margot Philibert and project manager Agathe Dumont welcomed us with great enthusiasm in their office, where a team of 25 employees gives it their all.

In 2019 Belazar signed up for all-in-one software Teamleader Orbit (formerly Yadera). They certainly savor the flavor of our new name! Which brings us to the pointer from Côme Jacobée: have lunch with potential customers, that’s how they do it in Paris! Who are we to argue with local business practices or steak-frites? Knowing that 70% of French agencies are located in Paris, we’re already hungry for more.


What’s next?

Ward, Arno and Leila - the three colleagues selected to make the trip after acing an internal French quiz - couldn't wait to share these insights with the rest of the team. The stories about camping together, supporting the Red Devils and playing pétanque also had to be endured by those who stayed home. In any case we will certainly incorporate all the tips we gathered into our market research, which we’ve been working on for the past few months.

We’re also already developing various ideas to make our thousand French customers even happier, and to attract new ones. A French newsletter? Pourquoi pas! We’ve got plenty of inspiration to help shape our roadmap: the blueprint for scaling in France. To be continued!

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Ward, Arno, Leila or our other colleagues? Come grow together with Teamleader and apply here!

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