All your client information at your fingertips

Fill in a contact's or company's details once, and then never again. Fill in a VAT number and Trends Top automatically adds any available company info. Teamleader is so efficient, you will actually enjoy working!

  • Always have your clients' information at hand
  • Save time by automatically linking information
  • Stay up-to-date on your client’s status
  • Make better decisions with smart segmentation
  • Enter client data only once
  • Save time with the fastest CRM in the cloud 
Sales organization

Sales organization

You can now organize your sales much more efficiently. All sales activities are tracked in Teamleader and the system automatically suggests when and where employees can take action. Based on this information, the sales manager can easily decide which employee to get on the job.  He determines their targets and is always aware of the status of each client.

Marketing manager

The marketing manager

The marketing manager can segment his clients . He uses these segments not only within Teamleader, but also for smart mailing campaigns through integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Also, Teamleader makes it easy to find new leads. Thanks to Teamleader’s ability to tag incoming forms, leads are efficiently collected within Teamleader.



Managers of SMBs choose Teamleader for a global solution for their business needs. By only entering client data once into the system, your amount of administrative work is kept to a minimum. Teamleader also lets you to maintain relationships with all of your clients… and at a very competitive price. Teamleader grows along with your business.