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Visiting Yappa: "Amazing that you think along with other users, this way cool ideas suddenly become really concrete."

Visiting Yappa: "Amazing that you think along with other users, this way cool ideas suddenly become really concrete."

Fruitful screening

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. Yappa from Alken is a no-nonsense web agency that develops website/shops and applications or connections with software. With the emphasis on a pleasant collaboration, because that often gets forgotten in our industry. Yappa is no typical web designer, but more a conceptual webthinker. Manager Yoeri Severy started as a student-entrepreneur, 12 years back: "In september we will be working with Teamleader for a year, but before that, a lot of research preceded."

That requires  clarity: "dozens of systems were screened and tested, a proces of several months. Initially we saw few hopeful results, but eventually our quest for the holy grail was fruitful. Teamleader stood out. Their reactionspeed, the Belgian origins, the amount of updates reminiscent of the App Store..." Yappa of course makes apps, but an own system was unthinkable: "You have to be able to constantly work on it. And that's what the all the people of Teamleader are doing, so... Do what you do well (laughs)!

Concentrated and simple

Before Teamleader, Yoeri and his team used to work with a jumble of software: "Basecamp for tasks and timesheets, 10000ft for planning, and a simple Mac App for contacts..." The Teamleader-integration merged everything in a fast pace: "Note, our proposals are mainly formatted outside Teamleader, but we're getting a module that will set it right." The Yappa-frontman is excited when it comes to updates: "Every friday I look forward to the new features, because we mostly apply them ourselves. Adding notes after meetings for example, or visualizations that show the delay of a project..."

As creative minds, the Yappa-team thinks it has an affinity with Teamleader: "It's amazing that you think along with other users, this way cool ideas suddenly become really concrete." However some developpers were skeptical about Teamleader: "Such a radical change always demands adaptability and even more trust. But when Teamleader made the timesheets - a sensitive feature - compatible with Google Chrome, skepticism quickly turned to respect, especially because the system looked very fluent.

Productive automisation

Yoeri looks back with laughter: "I didn't even have a CRM-system. All our client data were in the invoices. That led to painful situations for christmas cards: I used to pull up a hopeless outdated Excell-file (laughs)." Nowadays it's a a little more trendy: "Teamleader will soon install a Voice over IP-system, so we can call customers with just the click of a button, and it gets registrated at the same time. Thanks to the meeting reporting everyone can acces the report, whenever, wherever. Our projectmanagers always check off their tasks, that leads to a flawless overview."

Eventually a very positive final balance for Yappa? Yoeri answers confidently: Teamleader automises plenty of time-consuming and diverging tasks. The effect is so catchy that we're now considering to automise the payment control. If Teamleader keeps evolving at that pace, they will tie us together even more (smiles)."

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