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Feature Friday: New! Ticket statistics!

Feature Friday: New! Ticket statistics!

Have you always wondered which times of the day are busiest for your support team? Wanted to see how long it takes for a support question to be answered? Or maybe you’re just interested to know which customers take up most of your time?

"To measure is to know"

With that quote in mind we’ve expanded our statistics module to include numerous data concerning our ticketing module.

The ticket statistics will show you info about 9 different categories:

  • Created vs. closed: have a look at an overview of all new, open and closed tickets in a certain timeframe.
  • First response time: get to know how long it takes until someone of your team reacts to a new questions of a customer. Only the first response will be taken into account here.
  • Average response time: see how long it takes on average to respond to a customer’s question.
  • Full resolution time: here you’ll see how long it takes to go from creation to the full resolution of a ticket. If a closed ticket is reopened, the time the ticket was closed won’t be taken into account.
  • Busiest time of day: anticipate your busiest times of the day and make sure they are covered by your team.
  • Ticket distribution: this graph will show you how many tickets have a certain status, grouped per status or per user.
  • Individual performance: judge the performance of your team members by comparing the number of responses to the average response time.
  • Top 25 customers: always useful to know is which customers take up most of your attention: anticipate and help them proactively!
  • Duration open tickets: this last graph shows you how many tickets have been open for a certain amount of time.


You can apply separate filters for each of these categories. Which filters you can use depends on the graph you want to see. Generally, you can filter between users and teams, segments, statuses, timeframes and, if you have multiple email addresses linked to your ticketing module, you can filter by inbox as well.

Our own Customer Success team is already wildly enthusiastic, as shown by the reaction of Alexia Coppens, Head of Customer Success.

Try it yourself?

The ticket statistics are available for all customers who use our ticketing module. If that’s not the case for you, but you’re interested in how it can help your company, then try it for free now! Mail us at and you can try out the module for 14 days - no strings attached!

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