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6 Useful Teamleader features you don't use yet

6 Useful Teamleader features you don't use yet

Managing leads and contacts, providing customer support, tracking your sales process, those are the pillars of CRM. But any self-respecting CRM tool can do much more than that.

We've spoken to our in-house experts, and decided to list some useful Teamleader features you probably don't use yet!

1.    Email campaigns with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

Email campaigns are an easy, inexpensive and effective way to reach a large target audience: every single Euro you invest in email campaigns, generates 38 Euros in ROI.  But make sure you get it right. Because what do all of us do with generic, impersonal emails? Exactly - we delete them right away.

Thanks to our integration with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, you can easily send emails to certain segments of your Teamleader contacts.  This helps you provide a more personal approach and tailor your communication to that particular part of your customer database.  And no worries: both your contacts and segments are automatically synchronized with Teamleader.

2.    Web2Leads forms

Whereas 32% of our customers link their CRM software to an email campaign tool, only 7% makes use of Web2Leads forms. Which is a shame, as they allow you to save quite some time. And you don't have to be a computer wizard either - you'd be amazed how easily you could import that data. 

When leads fill out a form on your website, they will be added to your Teamleader database automatically through Wufoo, JotForm, FormStack or Unbounce.  This helps you avoid leads falling through the cracks, and data being entered incorrectly.

3.    The ticketing module

The ticketing module allows you to keep an overview of all customer questions, and helps you help your customers in a swift, efficient manner.  Your co-workers can easily retrieve all information in one shared mailbox, and are always up to speed when a co-worker responds to a customer's question. And what's more: Teamleader automatically links each ticket to the right contact in your CRM module.

But the ticketing module also proves its worth in terms of internal communication : a co-worker asking a question - for example on a specific project - will receive answers from colleagues in real-time.

4.    Invoicing your hours right away

At the end of the month, the timetracking feature gives you a clear idea of the work done per project. To help you save time, we added the option to invoice this tracked time right away. You can then send out that invoice to your customer at the click of a mouse. 

Would you like to use this feature? Simply go to 'Invoices' and click on 'Invoice unbilled time' next to the plus sign. You will then see a clear overview of all hours tracked that haven't been invoiced yet, which you can then invoice right away. Pretty handy, right?

5.    Overview of recent activities

As a team lead or administrator, you have the option to track all your team's activities. For example, you could keep an overview of:

  • Tasks, calls and meetings planned/completed
  • Leads added
  • Notes and remarks entered
  • Steps in your sales process that have been completed

You can also apply filters, for example if you want to see the activities of a certain co-worker individually.

To open this overview, click on your name in the top right corner, and then navigate to 'Recent events'. Please note: by default, only your own activities will be displayed here. Would you like to see your team members' activities as well? You'll need to have admin rights. The best way to assign these rights to a co-worker is to contact our support team at +32 9 298 06 32 or by sending an email to

6.    The mobile app

To modern-day businesses, being able to access data at any given moment and any given place has become a bare necessity.  The Teamleader app for iOS and Android allows you to carry your customer data with you, or plan tasks and meetings without having to be at the office.

Are you often on your way to customers? Our mobile work orders could help you out! Just enter the distance travelled and material costs, keep track of your working hours and have your customer sign the mobile work order online. These orders will instantly be linked to the right contact in your CRM database.

Would you like to try out a new module yourself?

Of course, whether or not you know these features depends on which modules you use.  Be sure to check out our feature page and feel free to contact us at +32 9 298 06 15 or if you'd like to try out an extra module!


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